Pittsburgh Society of Illustrators


Cassandre Bolan

“I create Women in Fantasy that inspire Women in Reality”.
My brand is focused on providing artistic, academic, and first-hand acumen to the client looking for an illustration with a feminist conscience.  I work in two main styles: Realistic and Children's. Drawing from my passions of pre-civilization goddess worship, the sacred feminine, mythology, fairy tales, matriarchal societies, symbolism, and women’s studies I showcase the beauty of strong diverse women and girls who flaunt their hard-won confidence, their agency, and above all - break the rules. Currently I am working on book covers, trading cards, and a personal series of female greek gods accompanied by feminist rewritten myths.  I have worked for clients such as Cartoon Network and Fantasy Flight Games, been a 2014 Illustrators of the Future award winner, and was featured in ImagineFX magazine. I lived in Dubai for ten years, where I met women from all over the world!


Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15202



  • Fantasy/Science Fiction
  • Children
  • Book
  • Portrait


  • Books
  • Cartoons
  • Children
  • Digital Paint
  • Games/Entertainment