Pittsburgh Society of Illustrators


Katya Malkin

My name is Katya Malkin and I am a freelance artist living and working in the wonderful city of Pittsburgh.  My artistic endeavors include illustrations of animal characters and more realistic portraits of people and pets.  I also like to paint my characters and designs on stones, wooden boxes, furniture, and pretty much anything else with a smooth surface! 

Animal characters are expressive and full of movement.  I love the way they show purpose in their actions - they know what they're doing (even when they don't!)  I hope to develop my tiny elephants further and one day tell a story with them.  I imagine all sorts of mischief for them in their too big world!

Greeting Cards
I offer greeting cards featuring my animals and, more recently, the most livable city of Pittsburgh.  Yinz know what I'm talkin' abaht!

My portraits of pets and people are mostly colored pencil, sometimes with a little watercolor or marker mixed in. These are fairly detailed and take a while to complete.  I love to catch someone in a natural or unusual pose with an interesting background and then enjoy the beauty of close details in shadow, light, and texture - hopefully finishing with something that captures the quiet loveliness of the moment.



Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15217
412 478 7281