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Jeff Brunner

My name is Jeff Brunner and I'm a Pittsburgh-based picture maker and clay squisher.

In 2010, after not doing art for about 11 years -- very burnt out from undergrad -- I decided to make an alphabet book for my niece, Sophie. The book is called Armadillo to Zebu: an Alphabet Book for You and Me Too and it was self-published in 2012. Afraid to lose the creative momentum, I also started an illustration a day project, 365 Critters, around that time.

With the book and images from 365 Critters, I've been able to participate in gallery exhibitions and art markets, including the Westmoreland Museum of American Art's @rt30, Pittsburgh's Handmade Arcade, and Renegade Craft Fair: SXSW Edition in Austin, Texas.

In 2014 I was awarded an Emerging Artist scholarship at the Three Rivers Arts Festival.  

Currently, I am working on a picture book dummy and special projects as they come my way.


Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15237
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