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Dan Senneway

            I can say that my whole life was based around art. My brother and sister are both creatively talented but I am the only one to pursue art as a career. The best way to describe me is that I am a story teller and I like to hear other people’s stories, I believe it is a key element to being an artist. My stories I tell, in my art, tend to be about darker things but mostly focus on the light within the dark. To me this is what it means to be hopeful. This plays heavily in my work, and how I portray the people or subject matter. The viewer should see the people or things that live in the dark, but look towards the light. 


My understanding of art comes from my eye for photography. It taught me how to set up compositions and see the world differently. The mark making tends to come from my love for printmaking with lino blocks and etching. When I found out I can do the same work in Photoshop as I could with printmaking, with so much more room to explore, it just fell to the waist side. This style helps me combine the two and still have that hand drawn feel.


It has been five years since I started working on this style. Originally I created images in Photoshop that were a bit on the darker side but with this underlying whimsical feel. These drawings had more of a focused narrative, other than just buildings, with a picture book feel. They were inspired by lyrics, quotes and phrases.  A lot of professors at SRU said for me to join this group while I was developing my place in the art world.That was the turning point when I decided that illustration was for me. When my style developed further, and started focusing on stories from my life. Later on those stories were inspired by old houses and neighborhoods pushing a strong atmospheric setting.  I have been involved in a few shows on campus at SRU. Some of my work was awarded honorable mentions, and later was noticed by the owner of the Bottle Brush Gallery in Harmony. Since then I am now finding new inspiration in old architecture and pushing my art style above and beyond. I am currently working on panoramas of towns, characters and themes inspired by TV shows and movies.




Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15237
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