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David Fielding

I was born in England. I loved drawing and writing from an early age. However, I went into teaching, with the idea of "doing some good" in the world. (I have a degree in Education from the University of London). Plus, what about those vacations!

I loved teaching, but I gravitated more and more towards creating the graphics and dioramas for school displays, creating the sets and scenery for drama, and writing illustrated stories to engage the students during morning assemblies.

I reached a turning point when I wrote and part-illustrated a set of textbooks for elementary science. Called "Looking at Science," it was published by Basil Blackwell of Oxford, England.

I left teaching behind altogether when I left England and moved to America, upon marrying the American lady who had stolen my heart. In America I wrote, illustrated and self-published a set of children's books, called "The Light of the World." To accomplish this, I learned to use the main graphics and graphic design computer programs. I also learned to deal with commercial printers.

At the same time, I freelanced to earn more income. Apart from regular illustration, I did technical illustration and technical writing. I learned to make promotional movies and build web sites.

However, when I found myself getting involved in writing computer code, I decided that my work was getting too "dry" for my liking. I turned down an offer of full employment with my major client, and established "Ideas Realized." At about the same time, I moved to the countryside with my wife Rosemary and daughter Helen. I now have my studio located amid a green and hilly location, where I concentrate full-time on illustrating, writing and design.

My work in recent years has been almost exclusively for the online (but printable) magazines which I have published on the internet. These have involved hundreds of illustrations and a lot of writing and web design. Some of the most recent work can be viewed at:


and earlier work at:


Aside from that, my client list includes:

Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine
Basil Blackwell, Ltd.
Brightstar Publishing
Cleaveland/Price, Inc.
Culture Wars magazine
Loreto Publications
Pauline Books & Media
Saint George Publishing
The Invention Submissions Corporation

Contact details:

Phone: (412) 741 7051

E-mail: david@ideasrealized.com
(Just click on the link to send me an e-mail)

Regular Mail: 839 Blackburn Road,
Sewickley, PA 15143


Sewickley, Pennsylvania 15143



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