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Jeffrey Katrencik


My work is a mix of existentialist philosophy, speculative and established science, mythology, religion, politics. The ambiguous state of the political liberal mind and philosophy.

My current favorite artist are Chaim Soutine, Joan Miro, James Ensor, Jean DuBuffet, Emil Nolde, and Leonardo Da Vinci. I’ve long admired Soutine and Da Vinci. Soutine’s work was love at first sight for me in the 12th grade. I’ve seen Emil Nolde’s work from since then but he always struck me as a mad eccentric who happened to get respect as a serious artist. Which is a description that could easily fit Vincent Van Gogh. I suppose if not for his letters to Theo he might have been lumped in with the crazies for the next several decades. The mad eccentrics. There are hundreds if not thousands of the mad eccentrics out there. Faceless outsiders. Nobodies.


I like to play extreme jazz at great volume when I work. It may not be jazz in the most orthodox sense. It’s jazz because it’s a mess or sounds like a mess to the untrained ear.


I have credentials. I have been educated; high brow and low brow education. I’ve exhibited: New York, L.A., China, many other places, a couple museums. I’m grateful for these things.









1. Duquesne University. Pittsburgh., PA. Masters of Science in Multimedia/Interactive media program. 2006 

2. Art Institute of Pittsburgh. Pgh, PA. Computer Desktop Publishing. 1997 

3. Carlow College. Pittsburgh, PA. PA. Art Education Certification. 1996 

4. Carnegie Mellon University. Pittsburgh, PA. Bachelor of Fine Art 1985

Major in Drawing. Studies in Anatomy, Ceramic sculpture, Film/Animation, Art History, Painting, and Calligraphy. 

5. Pennsylvania Governor's School for the Arts. 1980. 

Bucknell University. Lewisburg, PA.  Scholarship to Study Film and Animation. 


Houston, Pennsylvania 15342
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