Pittsburgh Society of Illustrators


John Wiegand

I am a local, emerging, award-winning artist. My area of creativity is drawings that are meticulously detailed and full of rich color. I achieve this richness using colored pencils.

I was featured in an article in January 2019 in the Pittsburgh Tribune Review by Rex Rutkoski. In the Review, my artwork was referred to variously as “His art makes me feel happy, peaceful and engaged in the images”, “His work with animals and people has an energy that brings the canvas to life” and “There is boldness in his simplicity that really appeals to me”. I also got praise from veteran, award-winning illustrator and designer Fred Carlson of Monroeville. “What makes John’s work unique and throws the viewer visual curve balls is his inventive use of various media.” He also adds, “His background elements speak quietly and stoically to the viewer.”

People marvel when told I use colored pencils in my drawings. There are so many interesting ways to use color to tell a story and colored pencils allow me to shape that story broadly. Imagine seeing the world as I see it and envisioning what it would look like with some chartreuse or sunburst yellow thrown in to liven things up.

Mostly self-taught, I draw what I see and feel around me, putting objects in unexpected places and using unique colors. I may even change the perspective mid-way through, but the result is extraordinary, and you can’t look away.


My purpose is to bring joy to a person’s life by creating art that is vibrant in color and fun to look at. These drawings tell a story that goes beyond the canvas. Seeing yourself in that story draws you in, resonating with individual emotions and demanding attention. 


Prints of my work can be found on my website at:




NEW KENSINGTON, Pennsylvania 15068