Pittsburgh Society of Illustrators


John Wiegand

My name is John Wiegand and I am a Fine Artist.

I have been doing art since 1982 and my purpose is to inspire hope by creating art that helps people to see things from a different perspective.

I am self-taught and self-disciplined and I draw what I see and feel around me. Some people describe my work as having a visionary color sense with an uncanny arrangement of form and volume. I put things in places you wouldn’t expect, and draw them in colors you may never have seen.

I respond not to trends and training, but to something either in the hills, the sky or in the water, and you can’t look away. Other artists you may see in my work include the Fauves, the Neo Expressionists, the Nabis and the folk art of Gaugin.

Prints of my work can be found on my website at www.john-of-art.net


Springdale, Pennsylvania 15144