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Robert Sage

 An artist from Irwin PA, I grew up surrounded by fields, and grass, and trees, and plenty of stars to stare at at night. With this inspiration I developed a love for creating fantasy and scifi characters creatures and scenes. I am now freelancing as an illustrator and aspiring to be a character concept artist for games and films. While my primary focus is creature design, It is the concept of the human individual, or the character, and the narrative element of an image that is most inspirational to me. Characters convey so much meaning about life that one need only be drawn to the expression however subtle, to grasp the meaning of a work of art. So like an author, I describe the narrative through the character’s or creatures surroundings, expression, costume and overall design. I often use friends as subjects when needed, and I try to convey their personality through the most candid aspects of their expression. As inspiration I draw upon the teachings of old and new masters of painting and illustration and stories within modern science fiction and fantasy to create works of art that feature fantastic worlds in which characters are portrayed doing fantastic things.


Carnegie, Pennsylvania 15106
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  • Comics
  • Fantasy/Science Fiction
  • Nature


  • Animals
  • Digital Paint