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Art By Vince Ornato

I am a Pittsburgh fine artist who is seeking new avenues for my work through marketing as an illustrator.  I work in oil paint and pen and ink, with a dash of watercolor.

Although I am interested in many subjects, my prime focus is to paint the manufacturing history of the Pittsburgh area and it's environs. With my artwork, I hope to pay tribute to its workers and their families who built America. Without the blue-collar workers laboring with their hands nothing gets done.

The current "politically correct" view of our past, which myopicallyfocuses on pollution, ignores that Pittsburgh's smokey factories improved life in America, Europe and elsewhere.  It was the "smoke" that paid for the college tuitions of hundreds of thousands of the workers' children (perhaps you are one of them); and it was the smoke which was the economic engine that produced the area's great universities, world class hospitals, sports arenas and large county parks that we enjoy today. Honoring the contributions of those from the past empowers the souls of today. Tremendous progress has been made regarding pollution from the old factory days, and this seems to be the best kept secret in the country these days.

Some examples: Western Pennsylvania's workers created steel for the first "skyscraper" (the Home Life Insurance Building in Chicago), as well as for the Chrysler Building, the Empire State Building, the Sears Tower, the Oakland Bay Bridge, the George Washington and Verrazano-Narrows Bridges, the Panama Canal and the Hoover Dam, countless hospitials, schools and other projects that improved American life. Many of the rails for the American and European railroads were made here. A historian from England who purchased work from me exclaimed, "Pittsburgh's history is the Mecca!"

During two World Wars the armor for the Allied tanks and battleships were made in the Pittsburgh area, as well as barbed-wire, guns, bullets, helmets, explosives and other weapons. Pittsburgh was at the top of the list of Hitler's bombing plan for the U.S. During the Cold War my city was "ground zero" for a Russian nuclear attack plan. These enemies knew that hurting Pittsburgh was to cripple America.

I see Pittsbugh's past as glorious and hope to honor her workers and families with my art.  I am seeking new commissions and customers for my originals and prints.



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