Pittsburgh Society of Illustrators


Wintis K Gibson

10+ years as a detail oriented custom illustrator, designing and creating successful published illustrations for premier companies including Zippo Lighters, Apple, XGX Racing, Invision Artworks, and Dorrance Publishing.

Revitalized underperforming company in 15 months, consistently met goals coming in under budget by 4-6% while improving sales by 10% annually and growing staff to 45+ employees.

Collaborated and engaged with 52+ nationwide clients on an annual basis, completed 17+ concept character illustrations to date for an innovative board game being market tested, created and sold 30+ original works.

Built and grew highly productive and collaborative teams to consistently engage and exceed goals YOY. Administered and created all HR processes including hiring, onboarding, performance management, training, coaching, mentoring, staff allocation and employee morale.

Designs, develops and manages an original works website, www.wintisart.com, which includes presentation of the original art content, online store, integration to associated social media sites during 2018 building a follower base on Instagram,1023, Facebook, 552, and Twitter.

Identifies, negotiates and builds talent programs such as headliners, support talent and amateurs. Creates a program to coach amateur talent to be headliners working with agents and marketing.

?Featured Work: Featured for the iPhone Zippo app and featured in Zippo's 2007 complete line catalog; https://twitter.com/punkthisstudios

?Expert in Drawing Proficiencies: Expert in 2D freehand drawing; Adobe Photoshop CC 2021; Adobe Illustrator CC 2021, Adobe Premiere 2021


Homestead, Pennsylvania 15120


  • Fantasy/Science Fiction
  • Comics


  • Cartoons
  • Digital Paint
  • Games/Entertainment
  • Line Art
  • Pen and Ink