Pittsburgh Society of Illustrators


Brian Dumm

I live in West/Central Pennsylvania with my beautiful wife Megan and two amazing little girls, Madeline and Josephine.  


My earliest artistic influences came from Saturday morning cartoons, cereal boxes and news stand comics; and drawing has been a focal point of my life ever since.


I have Bachelors and Masters degrees in studio art with emphasis on drawing and painting as well as over 15 years experience teaching visual arts at every level from kindergarten through college. I still consider myself a student of the visual arts, however, striving daily to learn new techniques and hone previously discovered skills.  


I believe in making art that might appeal to the same kind of bright-eyed child that I was years ago, sitting on the floor in my pajamas behind a bowl of Coco Puffs, staring at the TV screen, or the “funny pages” with relentless enthusiasm.  



Art has been the great gift of my life. For that reason, and the simply love of creating, I hope to share some of the pure happiness it has brought me, and perhaps help to inspire future happiness in others.


Ebensburg, Pennsylvania 15931
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