Pittsburgh Society of Illustrators


Jen Martino

Jennifer "Jen" Martino is an illustrator currently based in Southwestern Pennsylvania. From a young age, she loved to draw and write stories about the characters in her head, and it was no secret that she wanted to do art for a living. After graduating both high school and the Commercial Arts program at her vocational school in 2009, she attended community college in 2010 before transferring to Edinboro University in 2011 to pursue her love of art further. Graduating with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in 2014, Jen specializes in both Traditional and Digital Illustration, with a focus on comics, character design, and concept art.


She is also one of the co-founders and lead artist of Draiky and Mayflower Adventure Studios (DMAS). Along with other co-founder, best friend, and lead writer Jenny Thomson, DMAS is an independent intellectual property that specializes in comics. Their current project, Chronicles of the Gypsy Bard, is a comic telling the story of a group of ragtag vagabonds out to hunt a mad gypsy woman, and is expected to be published online as a webcomic in the near future.


Jen aspires to become not only a comic artist an illustrator, but also an art director for animation studios. Namely, she would like to see DMAS become an actual animation and publishing studio that helps train up-and-coming artists, animators, and illustrators for future careers in larger-scale studios via collaborative works.


Midland, Pennsylvania 15059