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Leda Miller

Leda’s home and studio overlook the little town of Houston, Pennsylvania, where she lives with her husband and dog. She paints in oils and watercolor, and works digitally for illustration. Leda also writes children’s books and graphic novels. Ms. Miller’s art has won many awards in international and local exhibits, including the Juror’s Award at the Butler Institute of American Art. Her lifetime attraction to tiny things led her to miniature painting, with subjects ranging from eye portraits, people, animals and birds, to historical images. Interestingly, she rejects the standard miniature technique of cross hatch, dons her jeweler’s visor and employs the same methods used in her larger paintings, but diminutive. Tiny painting - tiny brushes - tiny brush strokes. It’s Leda's favorite genre, stemming from her childhood when all her toys fit in a shoe box.


Visit her website: www.LGMiller.com.


Houston, Pennsylvania 15342

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