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Naomi Lees-maiberg

 Naomi Lees-Maiberg


Born in 1954, Ankara, Turkey, to American diplomat parents who moved around a great deal.


Served 2 years in the Israeli Defense Force, military agricultural unit. 


Graduated BFA from the California College of Art in Oakland, 1979


Returned to Israel and worked as an editorial illustrator, published in books, magazines and newspapers.


Drawing instructor at Beit Berl College, a large art school in central Israel. 1997-2005


Naomi was chosen to teach in an innovative program created to train Palestinian art teachers for Palestinian schools. It was a unique experience and successful program.


In 2005 Lees-Maiberg took over a small asparagus farm in the forest of the coast of Maine. There she kept a vegetable garden and continued work as an illustrator/fine artist. 

Member of artist co-op, Red Dot Gallery, Deer Isle, Maine.


Presently lives on the Northside of Pittsburgh, PA

Member of The Pittsburgh Society of Illustrators since 2017.

Selected Exhibitions


1998 – Mural painting for historical site, Rothchild Street, Tel Aviv, Israel


2002 – Group exhibition, Imagine,300 ARTISTS FOR CO-EXISTENCE, Um-El-Fahm Gallery, Israel.        


2002 – Group exhibition, Footnote 4, Museum of Underground Prisoners, Jerusalem, Israel


2003 – Solo exhibition, Dunes, Limbus Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel. 


2004 – Group exhibition, Finale/Totale, Stuttgart Kunstverein, Germany. 


2004 – Solo exhibition, Imagine the Onlookers, Ramat Gan Museum of Art, Israel.


2014 – Group exhibition, Kintsugi: The Beauty of Imperfection, Blue Hill Public Library, Maine. 


2019 – Group exhibition, Collective Works of the Pittsburgh Society of Illustrators, Stifel Fine Arts Center, Wheeling, WV. 


2022 - Robert Morris University, Associated Artists of Pittsburgh


2022 + 2023 Juried Visual Art Exhibition, Space Gallery, Three Rivers Arts Festival


2023 - Primal III: The Sacred Triangle, Vestige Gallery, Lawrenceville, Pittsburgh


2023 - Connecting With Nature, RedFichBowl Studios, Lawrenceville, Pittsburgh


2024 - Artistry: Intelligence, PGH Society of Illustrators, North Hills Art Center, Pittsburgh








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