Pittsburgh Society of Illustrators


Yelena Lamm

Yelena Lamm was born in St. Petersburgh, Russia, where she received her formal art training from the N. K. Roerich Fine Arts School. In 1995 she and her family moved to the U.S. In Pittsburgh, Yelena pursued a career as graphic artist. She furthered her education at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh, where she received her degree in Graphic Design. Meanwhile, she kept on painting, working on various subjects and developing her own artistic style. Yelena had two solo exhibitions and participated in numerous group shows. She regularly exhibits at the local art festivals, including Three Rivers Arts Festival,  Shadyside…The Art Festival on Walnut StreetA Fair in the Park, and Mt. Lebanon Artist's Market.


Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15207


  • Advertising
  • Architectural/Interior
  • Children
  • Fashion & Lifestyle
  • Nature
  • Portrait